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Expand your living space into the great outdoors with Harpeth Decks, your premier choice for custom patios in Middle Tennessee. With a wide range of design options, we create beautiful patios that seamlessly integrate with your home and outdoor landscape.

Embrace the tranquility of nature as we create a patio that is distinctly yours, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor living space. With Harpeth Decks, trust in our commitment to elevating your patio into a luxurious retreat that harmonizes with the natural beauty of Middle Tennessee.

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Custom Patio Construction

patio builder Nolensville,TN

Serving Middle Tennessee, our expertise extends to various patio designs, including concrete patios, covered patios, and custom outdoor paver patios. We offer a wide variety of solutions that fit your property’s specific needs and your personal aesthetic.

Our patio design process begins with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your vision, budget, and timeline. Whether you desire the sleek look of concrete, the comfort of a covered patio, or the charm of custom outdoor paver patios, our skilled craftsmen bring your dream patio to life using only the highest quality materials built to withstand Tennessee’s diverse climate year-round. We handle every aspect of construction, from the initial foundation work to the final detailing, ensuring a seamless, stress-free experience for you.

patio builder Nolensville,TN
patio builder Nolensville,TN

Additional Features - Patio Firepits

patio builder Nolensville,TN

At Harpeth Decks, we understand that your outdoor fireplace pit is not just a functional addition but a reflection of your aesthetic preferences and personal style. Patio fire pits add an irresistible charm and warmth to your outdoor space, extending the functionality of your patio into the cooler months. Our company specializes in installing custom fire pits and outdoor fireplaces that become the focal point of your entertainment area.

We offer a range of pits to suit every style, from classic wood-burning models to modern gas-powered designs. Enhance your patio today with your custom installation, carefully crafted to align with your unique vision. In addition to their social and aesthetic significance, fire pits contribute to property value, making them a worthwhile investment for homeowners. They can elevate the appeal of a home for potential buyers, especially as outdoor living spaces. When considering the installation of fire pits and outdoor fire pits, safety, and local regulations must be considered.

Patio Styles

No two patios are the same at Harpeth Decks. We pride ourselves on crafting unique environments tailored to each client’s needs. Here are some popular styles you can choose from, each providing its distinctive ambiance.

Modern and Minimalistic

Our modern patios are the perfect choice for those who admire sleek lines and contemporary design. Clean surfaces, elegant furniture, and strategic lighting create a sophisticated space that complements modern architecture.

Rustic Charm

Capture the rustic beauty of Tennessee’s countryside with a patio that uses natural materials like stone and wood. Rough-hewn surfaces and weathered finishes evoke a sense of history and are ideal for blending with a more traditional home.

Mediterranean Oasis

Inspired by the sun-soaked patios of the Mediterranean, this style uses vibrant accents, tiled surfaces, and lush greenery to transport you to a European getaway right in your backyard.
patio builder Nolensville,TN

Why Choose Us?

patio builder Nolensville,TN

Are you searching for ‘best patio construction comoany’? Look no further than Harpeth Decks. Choosing a Patio Builder in Tennessee is more than just hiring a construction service – it’s about entrusting your vision with a team that champions your satisfaction above all.


We are here to provide you with a wealth of experience, a showcase of successful projects, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our reputation precedes us with a clientele satisfied with the final product and every step of the journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I see examples of your work?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to visit our website, where a comprehensive portfolio demonstrates the range and quality of our projects.

We’re flexible with materials but commonly utilize composite decking, natural stone, and treated lumber for our patios.

The timeline will depend on the complexity of the design, but our team works efficiently to complete most projects within a set timeframe, keeping you updated every step of the way.

In most cases, a permit is necessary to construct a new patio. Our team will guide you through the municipal requirements and help you obtain the necessary approval before we begin.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty on our patio construction, ensuring peace of mind and a high standard of our work.